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Sep 20, 2012 10:00am PDT
to these meetings anymore. i used to come to all of them, i used to have quite a community that used to come here, no more. >> thank you. >> thank you. . er is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are on item 4, general public comment, at this time, members of the public may add rez the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and that do not appear on the agenda. with respect to the agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. i would like to call chris borden. >> hello, everybody. i am not a speaker, i am a roller skater in golden gate park and i enjoy that very much plus i'm an expert skater, i've done a lot of research and studied skating and urban recreational sports activities. my philosophy behind it is it's difficult for people to succeed professionally and their self-confidence takes a big hit on that but you can go do sports and build your self-confidence and feel really good about yourself. i think
Sep 28, 2012 11:30pm PDT
. we need comprehensive reforms to bring those disadvantaged communitis with us. we cannot provide those folks with jobs unless we reform our drug policies in san francisco, which essentially disadvantage and persecute young men of color who on a day to day basis are being subjected to the criminal justice system in a way that is not done by other members of our society. >> you have got another minute. [ laughter ] >> on a day to day basis what we're doing here in san francisco is we are disenfranchising folks and limiting their ability for future employment. once you have a conviction for a non-violent drug-related crime, your chances of getting a future employment are essentially nil. there was a research study published recently in a san francisco newspaper, that showed the rate of drug convictions dropped, and the violent crime here in san francisco did not rise. essentially what we're saying is that there is no correlation between drug use and violent crime. so the whole notion that we have to go after these folks to go into their neighborhoods and essentially make had a po
Sep 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
bond with the community. >> he used to tell us why sports teams were so important to the community, the need to pull together folks from disparate walks of life and supporter common cause. >> all of what this man has done all the way down the line, not only in football, but even out of football. >> governor martin o'malley said he helped make maryland a better place. >> it is a big loss. in times like this, we have to think of how much we gained by knowing art modell. he gave us back our pride. the day the ravens came back to baltimore and those moments we shared together with art modell, that super bowl victory. we got the bounce back and our step and all of us will be grateful to art modell for that. >> john modell shared a song he wrote when the ravens first footballltimore's team. he says he wrote that song about the ravens, but later realized it was also about his father. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> what a fitting tribute to art modell. coming up, a day of reflection inspire so many to take action. we look and help local residents are marking the 9/11 anniversary as a day
Sep 7, 2012 11:30pm PDT
. these contractors come into our community, tell us l.i., find us some good people that are certified, put us on there and don't give us work for five years. i have done everything right. i went to the program, i live out here. i don't know what more you want me to do. i am a woman, i am black, i show my certification. i am black. i work here. the sooner i get on to waste water, i am tired of bob and harland kelly. so the disconnect from them, bayview hunters point, district 10, the people that are always out here with the burning flame, the people that went all the meetings for model cities and hunter's quapoint, i was the kid in the backseat. i am certified. they can identify with me. they turned back a contract where you could go there and look at the plans and they would put you in connection with the people. she told me -- what happens left? how do we find out about transportation authority? i am interested. we have no plans, we were getting them from bdi. where do we get plans for that? once bdi closed, we stopped getting them. [applause] >> can i say a word? i'm over here. yolanda. i d
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
chris and matt. >> we heard recently the petersons are not with us now. >> community came to us to be a community. >> ♪ >> a good way for jazemin to remember her friend chris. >> the sanctuary holds about 900 people and it was packed. it goes to show you how much this tragic incident has affected this community. >> tragedy indeed. thank you. prince george's police held a committee meeting tonight. this was to update residents on the search for a killer of a popular teenager. 18-year-old marckel ross. police are working to generate leads in the search. also police in montgomery county are searching for a thief who stole a new iphone 5 right from a store. it happened at a verizon wireless store. the thief grabbed the phone from a display case and ran. he remained on the loose. also new, donna is clarifying her reference to president obama as a black muslim. madonna made the statement monday night. she knows obama is not a muslim. in her words the point i was making is that a good man is a good man no matter who he plays -- praise tys to. we have a weather update. >> cluster show
Sep 7, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. that helps us in being closer to the community. helps us in increasing the utilization of the small businesses, disadvantage businesses and disabled enterprise businesses. the department manages 50,000 lane miles of highway, 22,000 employees statewide. my operation here in district 4, it covers the nine bay area counties. as you can see in the map. which is about 7,000 lane miles of highway. we have the toll bridges that we operate. we have just under 4,000 employees. our budgets, our capital program ongoing at the present time with 155 contracts, it's about 4.6 billion. so there's a lot of work that is going on, and a lot of that is due to the toll bridge program. half of that is the repair of the various toll bridges that we have, and of course the biggest project, one of the largest public works projects in the nation is the span of the bay bridge that we're working on. in the district, we work with all of the 101 cities, with all of the nine counties that covers the bay area, with seven self-help counties, including the san francisco county transportation authority. we work with
Sep 21, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. and he's absolutely one of the most supportive advocates our community could have. he provided for us to have a training program two years ago, c.m. construction management testing and inspection training program. we had 21 residents from san francisco to participate in that program. the program ran for eight weeks, for eight hours a day. that's a big commitment getting up and being there at 8:00 on a saturday. i was a chaperon. i know, i'm still tired from that. the kids are exited and quite involved with the classroom. we had the bay bridge inspector, one of the big highlights of the training program. he talked about the white stripes you see on the streets. the kids were just amazed he had invented that. he had a lot of patents and he brought all his props. they really enjoyed that. out of the training program, each -- once they completed the training program and they graduated, they received a cal tran certificate of training for c.m. construction, which have allowed them to work on public works jobs. we want to be able to do that again in partnership with call tran and we're look
Sep 8, 2012 10:30am PDT
that will be designated for reaching our community and kids and how symbolic and fitting it is for us to be gathered here as we applaud our mayor and his administration for his engaging mannerism over the past several months, as myself and several members of our faith community have been the recipients of his encouragement, his open door, his open heart, and his open hands to listen to our voices as we have expressed the concerns of our community in and around safety and violence in the neighborhoods. our mayor has heard the voices of the community and of concerned citizens, and today, we stand in partnership with him and commitment to our mayor and to this great city that we will stand together for the futures of our youth are all the things that make for a positive and great city known as san francisco. we are here today to ensure that all the partners who stand to get our unified as one and in the spirit of the rev. jesse jackson, we want to make sure that san francisco for our youth and communities, we continue to keep hope alive. thank you. [applause] >> part of keeping hope alive is we have to prov
Aug 31, 2012 9:07pm PDT
benefit the surrounding community. -- for uses that could benefit the surrounding community. as a russian hill resident, i oppose demolition of the neighborhood resource, especially one that contributes to neighborhood history and ambience. we oppose demolition of neighborhood resources and support an alternative, partial preservation for reuse as affordable senior housing. san francisco it needs buildings that support community, family, and elders. rather than increasing population density and buildings like the one being proposed. which are too big for their lots and had little value to our community rather than becoming an asset to the city. signed, sincerely, melanie grossman, ph.d., licensed clinical social worker, chair of owl sf. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i have to speak on a couple of points. i am not against condos because i think we need condos. but we do not need more market rate condos. and more condos that only did not provide all of the parking that they should. we need more senior housing. i am a member of the aging baby boomers. i am here supporting and other h
Sep 5, 2012 3:00am PDT
communities, to work with all of us in the community to take a look at all the data we have, including anecdotal data, information that is given to us by people who are talking through their clergy or their friends or juvenile probation officers and others, not to squeal, but to get better information so we can predict where the crimes will be connected, again, in a very specific way. and we know some of those areas already. they happen over and over again, but predicted policing is about using the best data and the best systems we have, not only to respond with officers on the street, as sensitive as they can be, but we also have to predictably before the events happened saturate those areas with our probation officers, with our crime prevention, with our crn partners and others that can help provide deterrence. that is predictive policing. and then the most important part is community organizing, something that has never let me in all of the years and all the time that i have worked in public office here. it has always been about stronger community building. this is where our youth a
Sep 15, 2012 1:00pm PDT
apartments that are above them in the building. and just their communication with us. it has been a very good relationship working with them. i had an opportunity to tour the space. i am very impressed with all the work they are doing there. he did not mention that day, aside from making the improvements in their space, they have gone not to their residences and put in double pane windows and done other things as well. it reminds me of one of the old lion pub in the 1990's, it was a very loungey fireplace -- atmosphere with a fireplace. it will be very challenging. there was a stabbing incident in the front of the space which is boarded up and under construction. it is kind of one of those areas that is right close to 16th and mission. you have the eerie alley club so there are people walking through. it seems like there's something missing, the night -- lights need to be turned on, i guess. we definitely do not oppose the issuance of the permit. we did submit to the commission some conditions and the only thing that is different in my conditions has to do with this guard card thing. the resu
Sep 23, 2012 10:00am PDT
today is available for you on our website at find us on facebook also and also follow me on twitter at cheryl at abc7. have a great week. we will see you next time. bye for now. ♪ ♪ [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds.
Sep 25, 2012 1:00pm PDT
out to verizon and they told us while we have not seen the record of his communications of us over the situation, it sounds like we could have done a better job of communicating with him and been more helpful in addressing the next steps. how would you have preferred this thing handled from the beginning? >> the way, if they have to collect the money, which is fine, my deal is i owe them for boxes i didn't return, you don't send it to collections. call me, let me put you on a payment plan. i want compassion and not to be on the phone for an hour and a half passed around. >> in your description on the youtube video you mentioned i'm not trying to set up a donation thing here. i don't want people to help me pay for this. you want to get the word out about what you went through. >> come on, let's set it up anyway. whatever you do, do not give me money. i make a great living. this is not about money. this is principle. >> take a look at this security footage we got from wbns, this is from ejay's drive through in columbus, ohio. now watch closely. according to reports, that is a stolen
Sep 17, 2012 2:30pm PDT
the vehicles are safe and make sure that the pedestrians are safe. we are part of the community, accept us. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon members of committee. i am not homeless or unemployed, but a tax-paying citizen. my parking would be impacted by this bill. me home is not in danger today as it is for many people that are most targeted by this bill. i do have a large vehicle, which i use for work of the it's sometimes in storage and sometime it's used and parked near where i live. i heard the question earlier that many are storage and i can tell you that most of them are  used by homes, but due to harassment by law enforcement, they are careful to hide their home situation. i didn't know that i would suddenly become neighbors with
Sep 5, 2012 4:30pm PDT
to be the community with us. >> commission announcements and scheduling items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. there will be a police commission meeting, a special meeting this month at a location other than city hall. it will meet at the central district a key element 3 school community room on wednesday, august 29 at 6:00 p.m.. to hear comments from the public concerning public protections, issues in the central district. >> and the announcement of we have footlocker hour of night. we have moved. >> september 5 will be a dark schedule for us a september 12 we will be back in session. commissioner chan: a wanted to clarify that since we have had that in terms of the dates, the department's general orders the occ has prioritize, we are moving into 9-19-12. commissioner kingsley: i wonder if the inspector would go through what we have the special items coming up over the next month. if you have that readily available so we can get an idea. there have been a few items that come up over the last few weeks. it would be nice to see what the light out is. >> and the taser issues
Sep 28, 2012 12:00pm EDT
.hose this one is unique, so people come from all over the region and they do. the community can use it and students, every day. >> how exciting is it to have of the david bram planetarium? >> it's wonderful. i have been involved in public outreach all of my professional career. i know planetariums are the gateway drug for science. when kids get into a place like this and get blown away by their --erience >> the open house is this weekend. the first programs for all students will be coming shortly. site. web >> it's going to be a fun weekend. back to you. >> we will try to put the information on our web site, we have much more to come. we have a preview from new york of zero what is ahead on ♪ [ harry umlaut ] hey you know what, i speak european. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few variations. my cousin has a passport. uh-huh. take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up." as in creamy yogurt down below. and a delectable, aromatic layer of blended
Sep 2, 2012 1:07am PDT
those communities the way they used to. so you will have the council meeting not really being covered. we have had numerous examples where board meetings, council meetings, things that those members got used to not being covered. suddenly, they were seeing the week after week and seeing that we were there to stay. >> in the audience, do you feel like you're communities are being covered well? do you know what is going on in your back yard? do you feel like your stories being told? majority no? ok. let's go to pat with idg because you argue that there is a lot of local news in san francisco, based on the data you have done, and a lot of people feel like they do not know what is going on. can you talk about that? >> we pulled together some numbers about what is going on, and i stopped counting after 100 local dot-com's. 14 city-wide newspapers, 13 ethnic, 16 different neighborhood papers. the high schools, the special interest things, universities, tv stations, radio stations. together, those add up to 100 units of local coverage, and that is not counting all the new stock that venture
Sep 1, 2012 6:30pm EDT
communicators," a discussion of foreign policy and technology. joining us is alec ross, the senior advisor for innovation at the state department. it would come just in an overall sense -- how does the state department use technology to further its goals? >> look, we live in a world where technology, networks are of increasing consequence in our foreign policy. it is increasingly the backbone for communications in commerce around the world. so for us, it is just a tool, but it is an important tool. we use it for communications. we have 288 facebook pages with 13 million fans. i think we have almost 200 official twitter accounts with a couple million followers. we are using it for communication, but of greater consequence in my opinion is part of what we are looking at our some really tough traditional foreign policy challenges -- are some really tough traditional foreign-policy challenges and thinking about how we can apply to america's unique strengths of our ability and technology and see how we can apply this to any given foreign policy challenge. >> when you release information via fac
Sep 8, 2012 2:00pm PDT
skills in communication. that is something i can take away from an internship. i can use it anywhere. not just in jobs, but just in my daily life, in communicating with everyone. job training is not something you learn in school. you have to get it at a job. it is invaluable. anywhere you are going in your future. that is why it is really important for me. for my future, i plan to go to uc-berkeley and major in business. >> excellent. can you keep telling the media and communications are not not boring? part of the equation of making this a meaningful experience for young people are the managers, the folks working with them. over the season at jawbone, how did you approach supported young people as they come into your environment? >> he is playing a critical role, in terms of working the front desk. that is important to us. when you look of the internships, it is not necessarily what we are doing for them, but what he is doing for us. we want to show appreciation to you as well. it is important to us. it is important to our business needs, right? there is a severe need for talent in
Sep 2, 2012 10:00am PDT
for you on your website on our website and follow us on community affairs. follow me on twitter. i'm cheryl jennings. have a great week. we'll see you next time. bye for now. @ñbñ?xús1@@ú?
Sep 23, 2012 12:30am PDT
the works with us on all the policies we need to have, all the outrage, all of the communities need to be represented on our investment board. i want to thank everyone who is stepping forward today to be on the board to help us with the 21st century policies we need to make sure people have every chance and opportunity to work in jobs in the city. andrew, thank you for joining. barbara morrissette, thank you for joining us. brenda barnes, thank you very much. diane easterwood from kaiser, thank you for stepping up and helping. kevin carroll, thank you for stepping up and being with us. niki callahan, -- mickey callahan, they keep for your help and stepping up. ontario from pg&e, thank you. rebecca miller, thank you very much for being here. [applause] rudy bagsby, thank you for stepping up and being part of this. sylvia kwan, thank you very much. ted eagan, thank you very much for stepping up on this workforce. tiffany, thank you very much. keep us focused on central market, too. tom from riverbed technology, thank you. trent, thank you very much for all of your great work. jimena f
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 3,663 (some duplicates have been removed)